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Featured Artist: Ed Champigny

July 14, 2010

ABOUT THE ARTIST: One of six children, Edward Raymond Champigny was born in 1945 in the small town of Windsor, Conn. In 1966, his life changed when he was sent to Vietnam. Champigny flew more than 150 combat missions, was shot down three times and was missing in action.

Scarred from the trauma of war, he returned home to the United States in 1968 and attempted to move on with his life. During the next 27 years, he married twice and had careers that ranged from owning pet stores to working in heating and air conditioning repairs and managing real estate. “The first time I drew a fish, I just couldn’t get enough life without color,” he says.

“I can’t remember being happier than just sitting next to my ponds looking at a bunch of big, eloquently colored, rhythmically flowing koi that sparkled in the sun. By luck or by mistake, I was commissioned to draw a picture of Kimmy, the model whom I work with today. From that, the Kimmy-Koi series was born.”

Today, Champigny is in demand as a speaker and an artist. The living art has helped him deal with the past, add excitement to his daily life and create a colorful outlook for the future, he says.

UP CLOSE WITH HIS WORK: Click here to watch a slide show of his work, or view it below.

MORE INFO: For more information, visit

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